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NEW! Made for More (Paperback). I love the book of Ephesians because it calls us to live for more than the ordinary life we often settle for. This is true of our personal lives, in our families, and how we interact within the church. God has so much more in store for us – blessings, opportunities, growth, and a purpose so compelling that our brothers and sisters down through the ages have given up their lives for it. Get the Kindle version.

It is my hope that the book of Ephesians will inspire you to reach higher and further than you have before.

NEW! Lead Like Moses (Paperback). How would you like to lead a group of people that you did not want to lead in a task for which you did not volunteer? Welcome to the life of Moses. By birth, Moses should have been raised as a slave. Instead, he is raised in privilege in the most powerful household in Egypt. At the age of eighty, he returns to Egypt to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. This book explores the leadership lessons we learn from the life of Moses. Get the Kindle version.

Lesser Angels (Amazon).  This is my first novel and was inspired by something that happened after my parents died.  While going through their belongings, my brothers and I discovered an old, tattered divorce certificate that my mom had kept for nearly fifty years.  None of us knew that she had been married and divorced before meeting dad.  This discovery led to many other (as of yet unanswered) questions: Who was this guy? Why did they get married?  Did they have kids?

Leading with Heart: Faith-Filled Thoughts on Leadership (Amazon).  This short ebook is a collection of essays that originally appeared here on this blog.  They represent my thinking about how to approach leadership from a faith perspective.  While many of the lessons were forged in the arena of ministry, these principles will apply to any leader who is seeking to lead well. Get the paperback.

The Cure for Insomnia: Preaching That Won’t Put People to Sleep (Amazon).  This ebook is also a collection of posts that first appeared on this blog.  I love preaching and I love learning about preaching.  Over the past several years I have blogged about ideas and principles that reflect the journey of a fellow traveller.  This ebook is more inspiration and encouragement than it is an academic examination of preaching.


I began using Scrivenor (a writing app) several years ago. It’s a great tool for gathering and organizing information, creating characters or scenes, and then exporting the finished product for e-book or paperback. But here’s the catch: it’s loaded with possibilities and I learned the hard way – by trial and error. If you’re interested in writing, check out Learn Scrivenor Fast by the Scrivenor Coach. It’s been used by Michael Hyatt and others.