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since the first christmas

Mary’s baby.  Born over 2,000 years ago in a small town known as Bethlehem.  He entered the world not in a palace – not even a Marriot – but a stable.

Much has changed over the last 2,000 years.

Many of us drive more miles in an average month than Mary or Joseph traveled in their lifetime.  Back then, breaking news was spread from person-to-person, from town to town.

Today, we know within seconds when an earthquake strikes Asia.  Our cell phones allow us to talk with people the next state over while looking up directions to the restaurant across town.

On the other hand, not much about human nature has changed at all.

We still battle selfish behavior.  We wrestle with the weight of poor decisions.  We long to be accepted, to feel like we belong.

And most of all, we still need a Savior.

Which connects Christmas to Easter.   Easter … that day when Mary’s baby – now a man – died on a cross so we could find our way back to God.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, give thanks not only for Jesus’ birth, but for his life … for his death … and for his return.