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why churches need to be bold

We are falling behind.

Year after year, the population growth of our country outpaces the ability of the church to reach new people.  While our population grows, over 3,000 churches close their doors every year.  Simply put, we are not keeping up.

Difficulties are not new.  The church in every generation has faced tremendous challenges.  These challenges have called for bold responses.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, it took the courage of a few to change the racial attitudes of the country.

In Nazi Germany, a bold underground movement sought to remove Hitler.

Challenges are nothing new to people of faith.

Fortunately, we do not fight in our own strength alone.  The Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit provides us with courage, tenacity, and boldness.  We have access to all the resources of heaven.  Our God stands ready and willing to work on our behalf.

As a church, we have accepted a few challenges — such as launching a campus in Westwood this fall.  Though difficult, it is certainly not impossible.  We are not asking God for tasks equal to our powers but for power equal to our tasks.

We are asking God for boldness.

Maybe your church needs to ask for boldness.

We need church leaders who will think boldly about planting new churches in their own neighborhoods, less worried about turf and more concerned for the lost.

We need artists who will paint, sing, write, and act boldly, cutting through the clutter of mediocrity to effectively communicate the gospel.

We need business men and women who will work boldly, using their God-given abilities to transform entire communities.

This is not a time to sit on the sidelines.  This is a time to get busy and get bold.