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LifePoint will be working with City of Refuge to provide Christmas gifts for homeless children in San Diego. City of Refuge is located in Sherman Heights and serves the poor and homeless in San Diego’s urban areas.

There are two ways to help: purchase a gift or give money. If you purchase a gift, please spend no more than $15 per gift so that each child will receive an equal gift. City of Refuge also prefers to receive your gift unwrapped so they can properly sort them. LifePoint will be receiving gifts and money until December 9. Let’s work together to spread the love of Jesus to his precious children this Christmas season.

Gifts can be delivered on Sundays to 4698 Alvarado Canyon, Suite A, from 9:00-10:30 or after 12 noon. Please make checks payable to “LifePoint” and earmark it for Christmas gifts.

LifePoint Christian Community
4698 Alvarado Canyon, Suite A

Sundays @ 10:30