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a good cafe

We hosted our second Live at the LifePoint Cafe last night and it went really well. We had two great artists — Carlos Olmeda and The Gooses. Carlos drove down from a concert in San Luis Osbipo to play for us! The Gooses did their usual good job and had everybody laughing right from the start.

We had nearly 50 people in attendance, over half of whom had never been to LifePoint before. Tina did her usual great job with the coffee and all of our LifePoint people were very helpful.

I see our cafes as part of a gradual outreach process. It was interesting to watch people browse around our facility, picking up cards, and looking at the art. There’s no hard sell on attending church — in fact, we’re pretty low key about it.

We’re building good momentum among a slice of the local music scene. Artists like to be appreciated (and paid!). Our LifePoint are great about interacting with the artists and I believe the artists notice.

Stay tuned for the next one …