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a grand grand opening

LifePoint held her first public worship gathering yesterday and what a great day it was! 112 people braved the nice weather to join us as we celebrated the beginning of a new way of experiencing church. Our band was fantastic, the multimedia flowed well, and Will Edwards did a great job as our first featured local artist. All the kids seemed to enjoy KidPoint — and the adults serving out there did, too.

It’s hard to describe with words seeing a dream come to life. LifePoint has been over a year in the works and God has proved himself faithful throughout the whole process. There were times during the music when I just closed my eyes and tried to grasp what was happening … a new church community was being born!

Here’s the most inspiring thought of all — this is just the beginning. LifePoint is about engaging people in an ongoing creative dialogue. It’s both humbling and exciting to know that we’ll do it all again in seven days.

If you’re looking for a church community that wrestles with spiritual matters in a fun, creative, and thoughtful way, come check us out. I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did.

Pastor Ken

Here’s how one guest viewed our opening gathering. It’s from The Evangelical Ecologist web blog.

    Sometimes the simplest message is the most effective. And sometimes the simplest place is the most effective place to hear it. Jesus met real folks in real places. Pastor Ken Hensley is doing just that here in San Diego.

    If there was such a thing as “coffee shop Christianity,” LifePoint would be it. In fact, their place in Mission Valley just off I-8 looks like an oversized coffee house, complete with a stage for musicians and speakers, couches forming fellowship nooks in the back corners, and a full-service espresso bar cranking out lattes.

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