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a great cafe

We had our first “ladies only” cafe at LifePoint this past weekend and the music was outstanding. We hosted Annie Bethancourt and Paige Aufhammer, two musicians who also happen to be Christians. Each of them writes and sings with an obvious passion for life. Musically, it may have been one of our best cafes yet!

I especially appreciate the fact that they write songs which reflect their faith without becoming sappy or filled with cliches. It’s music that takes you from spectator to participant — in other words, you have to wrestle with what is surfacing in the song. That’s not a bad thing!

For music to be authentic, it has to spring from a place that is both personal and shared. It comes from an artist’s experience yet it relates to the shared experiences in the audience. It’s this common ground that makes music a powerful connector.

This is why I appreciate Christian artists who write songs that connect faith to life without turning people away. Christians and non-Christians alike wrestle with issues of love, redemption, hurt, heartache, and so much more. Some Christian artists think that to gain a broader audience, they must abandon any and all faith-inspired music. That’s why I’m encouraged to see a new generation of artists who are effectively bridging both worlds in a way that honors God and finds common ground — without sacrificing musical quality.

That’s about all …

Annie Bethancourt
Paige Aufhammer