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a life of adventure

Sometimes the Christian life is portrayed as a dry and dull routine of staying within the boundaries of what is acceptable to God. It’s seen as a lifestyle that limits rather than expands opportunities. To those on the outside (and a few on the inside), the life of a Christ-follower is viewed to bland and boring.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The life of a Christ-follower is an invitation to follow him into the risky parts of life … to serve those who are disenfranchised, to battle injustice, to dream up creative ways of communicating truth.

The life of a Christ-follower is to be marked by a sense of adventure. Where will God take me today? Who will I have the opportunity to influence for eternity? What does God have in store for the next chapter of my life? What dream is God forming in my heart that he has the resources to accomplish?

When seen through this perspective, the Christian life is anything but boring and predictable. God forgive us when we lose our sense of wonder.

My prayer for you is that you capture the spirit of this great adventure and live it to the fullest! Don’t settle for less and expect God to do even more than you ask or imagine.