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a life on mission










Are you living a life on mission?

One of my favorite scenes in the Blues Brothers is when Jake and Elwood start getting the band back to together.  When asked why, the answer is simple: “We’re on a mission from God.”

What if more Christ-followers felt like they were on a mission from God?  We tend to equate a “life on mission” with being a missionary — more specifically, a person who uproots themselves and travels to a foreign land.

In reality, every believer is a missionary.  Every Christ-follower has a mission: to make Christ known.

Wherever we go, we take Jesus with us.  That means if you are an accountant, you are also a missionary to those in the cubicles around you.  Be the best accountant you can be in order to bring honor and glory to God.  Earn as much as you can in order to give away as much as you can.

If you are a school teacher, you are also a missionary to the classroom.  Young minds are watching how you handle difficult situations.  They are listening to your choice of words.  They hear your tone of voice.

If today’s church is going to significantly impact our culture, we must adopt a missionary mindset.  That translates to each Christ-follower living with a sense of mission.

If someone asked you why you became an engineer, imagine the look on their face if you responded, “I’m on a mission from God.”