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a look back at lifepoint 2007

It’s hard to believe we’re winding down another year. Though I know that minutes still have sixty seconds and a day is comprised of twenty-four hours, it sure seems like time is moving faster the older I get. Or maybe life is moving at the same pace it always has but my reflexes are just a bit slower.

The story of the past twelve months has been an interesting one. As the story unfolded, the evidence of God’s presence was on every page.

LifePoint celebrated her second anniversary, a feat not shared by every new church start-up. In church planting terminology, we were a “parachute drop.” That means we started without the benefit of mother church — in fact, we started with a handful of people who simply wanted to follow a dream of starting a new church.

Much like a child learns to crawl, then walk, and eventually run, we have gone through our own growth spurts as a child. Numbers only tell part of the story; you can’t quantify things like renewed hope, forgiveness, and friendship. Numbers are important to the extent that they reflect individuals who are encountering God and giving their lives to Jesus.

Are we everything as a church that I had hoped we would be? Yes and no. We are far from perfect; if you’re looking for the perfect church, you’ve stumbled in to the wrong place. But when you serve an infinite God who can do the impossible, the opportunities for future growth remain as limitless as God.

I believe as much today as I did back in 2005 that San Diego needs more churches like LifePoint. I also believe that San Diego needs a healthy, growing LifePoint. We cannot become complacent — or God forbid, defeated — when so many of our friends and neighbors do not have life-changing relationship with Jesus.

As your pastor, I pledge to you that I will seek God’s direction, listen to his voice, and try to model his values within our church. Will you join me in this adventure?

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  • Jim Tudor says:

    Hello Ken,

    Lots of happenings back in Georgia. Nice to follow the progress at LifePointe. Give our best to your family.

    Jim T