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a quick guide to starting the new year

While every day is a gift from God, the turn of a new year is a great opportunity to reflect, re-vision, and recommit. Most of us are not intentional enough about ending one year and beginning the next.  What I want to do below is offer a simple template y0u can use to help create momentum in the new year.

Questions to Ask

  1. What about the last year can I celebrate?
  2. What do I need to grieve over and then leave in the past?
  3. What negative habit or attitude do I need to stop?
  4. What positive habit or attitude do I need to start?
  5. What did I do well that I need to continue or improve upon?

In working through these five questions, here is what you are doing:

  • Reflecting – being intentional about learning from your experiences.
  • Re-visioning – looking forward (the past is past and moving forward is your only option).
  • Recommitting – never underestimate the power of decision.

These five questions can be modified as part of a weekly, monthly, or quarterly personal review. The key is to be intentional about how you live today and shape tomorrow.

Additional Resources

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