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a wedding invitation

With each passing anniversary, it’s hard to remember the young man with big glasses and a goofy smile standing next to my wife in our wedding pictures.  But she insists that it’s me.

Tonya and I were married in Memphis, TN, on a rainy night in December (the 21st to be exact, in case you’re wondering).  It was the culmination of a year-long engagement and the beginning of a life-long adventure.  A friend sang “I Will be Here” and Tonya’s father presided over the ceremony.  A grand night indeed.

As a pastor, I have always loved performing weddings because every wedding is unique and yet there are common threads running through each of them.  Threads of love, anticipation, hope, and promise.  Most of all, there is joy.

This weekend we’ll be exploring a parable Jesus taught that revolves around a wedding feast.  It’s about more than wedding cake and dancing; it’s about God’s invitation to join him in his kingdom. Your period of engagement might be shorter or longer than mine but we both have the opportunity to step into the same adventure.