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Life is filled with adjustments.

A good coach will be making constant adjustments.  A good teacher adjusts her teaching style to fit her students.  A good parent … well, we all know how many adjustments we have to make.

Not all adjustments are easy or obvious.  Sometimes we have to admit that our current course of action is not the correct course of action.  At that point, we can either continue down the same road or make an adjustment.  The adjustment may require additional time, energy, or money.  It’s not always easy.

Some necessary adjustments aren’t obvious.  On the surface, life (or business or family) may appear to be running smoothly.  Or, at least it’s running.  No bumps.  No conflicts.  Why rock the boat?  Why change course?

Success can be seductive, especially past success. It’s why the most dangerous words in a meeting are “We’ve never done it that way before.”  The status quo may not be breaking any records but it’s not causing any headaches either.  It may not be obvious that an adjustment is needed.  Past successes can provide something to live off well after the success has passed.

What adjustments might be in your future?