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all-staff recap, part 1

In my first “official” act as a executive pastor at Mountainview, I led our staff in an off-site vision casting and leadership development day.  I am privileged to coach a dedicated, creative, and fun group of people.

Here’s a brief recap of what we talked about:

Opening devotional:

Nehemiah 4:1-15.  Nehemiah has multiple opportunities to grow discouraged and quit.  He faces opposition from outside and doubts from those on the inside.  Rather than give up, he rallies the troops with these words: “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

We, too, face many opportunities to grow discouraged.  That’s why it’s important we remember how great and awesome our God is … and what we are fighting for.

What is a church?

Next I shared Alan Hirsch’s definition of church:

  1. A covenanted community
  2. that is centered on Jesus
  3. who worships
  4. and Disciples
  5. and stays on mission

Leadership Principles

We next reviewed two of our governing documents: our Leadership Covenant and our Conflict Resolution Covenant.  As leaders, we believe it is important that we set the temperature within our ministries and our church.  It’s also our role to model how healthy relationships function.

I focused on six characteristics every leader mush have:

  1. Courage
  2. Conviction
  3. Clear calling
  4. Authenticity
  5. Willingness to learn
  6. An understanding of context

More to come …