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an interesting week

By June 30, 2007General

It’s been an interesting week. On the job front, still no breathroughs with job interviews but the resumes are still going out. But I may have a few freelancing opportunities. On the same day, I met with two different guys who are looking for a web designer to outsource to their clients. It may produce a little work and possibly a lot of work. It may also provide me the necessary flexibility to do other stuff.

On Friday I went to one of these business networking meetings. It was more structured than some I have been to. The idea is to generate leads and tips for other members.

And on Friday I also started to come down with a cold — the runny nose, coughing, type of cold. The weather is just too nice to have this stuff!

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  • Jim Tudor says:

    Hello Ken,

    Good to see the pics with John. I got the call you mentioned. Best wishes.