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android os

I bought my wife for Christmas a Samsung Moment (see below) that runs Google’s Android OS.  Here’s my first take: I really like it.

As you may know, I’m a big fan of all things Google.  Apart from the “big brother” concerns of collecting all that data, I think Google has done a fantastic job of bringing innovation and usability to the web.  For years, has been my standard home page.

Well, enough about that.  Back to the phone.  Samsung’s implementation of Android seems pretty slick.  It flows well, looks beautiful, and installs apps easily.  One of the great things about the Android OS is it’s open source approach.  I’m a believer in open source (PHP, MySQL, etc) — the idea of opening up code to the programming community to use, tweak, develop, and improve.

At first blush, I would be tempted to make my next phone an Android-based phone.  I’m on my second generation of phones using Windows Mobile (currently I’m carrying the HTC Touch Pro and love it).  The big benefit for me is the ability to use Microsoft Office products, sync with Outlook and Exchange, and familiarity with the OS interface.  It might be hard to break-away from this platform.  But with the right apps, I could easily replicate my Office experience on Android.

Hmmmm.  I love dilemmas like these.

Samsung Moment with Android OS