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another great day in the pocket

Week four at LifePoint has been packed up and we’re already working towards week five. Each week we continue to make progress and move forwards — this week being no exception. I’m humbled each week by the people who serve graciously and with a smile.

Today we unveiled a few elements to our worship experience. Dee brought the first of five new original paintings she’s doing that tie in with our theme. Our creative arts team put together a prayer station that helped people focus on the stuff they’re building their lives with. Our music continues to improve.

I made one slight change to my teaching style and read the Bible passages directly from my Bible rather than putting them on the screens. We really want to emphasize the importance of reading the Bible and felt like this would help reinforce that. With the exception of the times I’ve preached in settings without multimedia, I haven’t preached this way since 1996 or 1997. In one sense it felt like returning to my preaching roots — not at all a bad thing.

We also had Jason Turtle as our local featured artist. He did two very excellent sets and people seemed to take a liking to his music. I’m very excited about LifePoint becoming a bridge to the local arts community. Plus, we get to hear some great local music!

Right now I’m waiting for the girls to get out of choir practice (at Lemon Grove Christian Church) and we’ll be heading over to The Rock tonight. We like to be able to enjoy worship as a family since our Sunday mornings have us running at high speeds in multiple directions.

God is good.