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another great day

Another great Sunday at LifePoint. Our theme for the day was water:community. We looked at the need for investing ourselves into relationships … if we don’t do that now, they won’t be there when we need them. Part of the message was autobiographical — how my personal family has been blessed by our church communities.

Our band did a few acoustic numbers and it was a good change of pace. We’re continuing to make progress on many fronts and it’s great to be a new church. We also had 28 newcomers between our 9:00 and 10:45 gatherings!

Our LifePoint podcasts are now listed in the podcast directory on iTunes! You can go here to subscribe yourself. Or browse the podcast directory on iTunes and download it there.

I’m recording our podcasts directly to my iPod using a Belkin voice recorder. I’m very impressed with how well it records. I plug it into the jack, hit record, stick it in my shirt pocket, and start talking. Then the next time I sync my iPod it automatically transfers it as a voice memo. From there I convert it from a wav to mp3, upload it to our server, and that’s it!

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  • Britton Dennis says:

    Why don’t you tell the people how you had all week to test out your remote pointer and never did? Progress…will be when you learn to the little things your media guy asks you to do!!


  • ken hensley says:

    Granted, my faith in technology is a few notches below my faith in God. Your comment is partially true. I didn’t fully test out the pointer. Once it lit up, I assumed it would work. And …