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applauding God

Metal heads might hear the name Nikola Tesla and think he was the lead singer of Tesla.  Metal heads would be wrong (that would be Jeff Keith).

Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor who died in 1943.  During his lifetime he held patents for things ranging from electric arc lamp to radios and early remote controls.  He was most famous, however, for developing alternating current — the AC in AC/DC (the electrical current, not Angus Young).

Tesla was known to be an eccentric.  Wherever he lived, he ate dinner at the same time every night, from 8-10 pm.  He squished his toes one hundred times for each foot … every day … because he believed doing so stimulated his brain cells (I’m squishing my toes as I type; I bet you are squishing them, too).

In addition to squishing toes, Tesla had another odd habit that I liked.  During thunderstorms, he would sit on a couch near a window in his home.  Every time lightning would strike and thunder would clap, Nikola Tesla would rise to his feet and applaud God.  The man who delivered alternating current to our homes was giving honor to a truly Higher Power.

How often do you applaud God?

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla at work in his laboratory.