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bat cave baptist church

While doing research on Google, I came across a link to Bat Cave Baptist Church.  At first, I thought it was a parody site — but it’s real and located in Bat Cave, NC!

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  • Rick says:

    HI Ken,

    Greetings from North Carolina. I heard of Bat Cave first. Being from NC, you should have asked me!!!! I hope and pray that you are recovering well from the removal of those very smart wisdom teeth. They really did not want to be let go. You are in my prayers. Take care my brother. Rick

  • kenhensley says:

    I think the logo possibilities for Bat Cave Baptist Church are endless …

  • Jessi Brevard says:

    Bat Cave Baptist Church is not only a real place but, a life changing experience. I am a member along with my husband and our 3 children as well. Pastor David MacEachern is a wonderful pastor, couselor and friend ( also neighbor). He has helped me ( any many others including my husband) open our eyes the awesome, unlimited powers of God and the plans he has for us. Although they may be hard to accept we still have to trust that God knows what he is doing and is doing what is best for us for His Glory. Anytime your in Western NC, stop on in for a visit, you may not want to leave.

  • kenhensley says:

    Hi Jessi, that's a fantastic testimony! When I first saw the link on Google, my first thought was Bat Man — and then I clicked through and saw the actual site. Looks like a wonderful church indeed. I have never been to North Carolina, but if I'm ever anywhere near Bat Cave on a Sunday, I'll try my best to stop by.

  • Barb says:

    My all-time favorite church name….along with "Meat Camp Baptist Church", also in North Carolina. Looking at their website, it looks like a caring, lively church.