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being coachable

One of the things that attracted me to planting a church through Stadia is their approach to planter care. A key part of this strategy is that I’m assigned a coach. We meet once a month to discuss the nuts and bolts of starting new churches … plus he is available by phone or email anytime I have a question or idea. In addition, I know he is going to ask me tough questions about how things are going and what I can do better.

I’ve come to believe that every pastor should have a coach and someone they are coaching. In established churches it’s very rare for a pastor to have a coach/mentor that they meet with on a regular basis. It’s just not the way things have been done. Having been one of those pastors for a number of years, I know that most of them try to offset this by reading and attending conferences. But it’s not the same as having a real person who knows you and your church and knows you well enough to ask the right questions.

Which brings me to another observation: the need to be coachable. Quite honestly, a good number of people are not willing to be coached. This is as true inside the church as it is outside the church. Perhaps it’s pride, or youth, or an unwillingness to expose oneself to tough questions. Whatever the reason, it’s not healthy.

As LifePoint grows and continues to add key volunteers and eventually paid staff, a person’s ability to remain coachable will be a top priority.

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