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billy mays here …

“Hi! I’m Billy Mays here for …”

If you watch any television at all, you’ve surely seen an infomercial featuring Billy Mays, the dark-bearded, loud-talking pitchman for products like Orange Glo, OxiClean, Mighty Putty, Weed Auger, and now health insurance. Every commercial begins with Billy Mays bursting on the screen, introducing himself, and then delivering a high-octane pitch for the next 60 seconds or 60 minutes.

Billy Mays got his start selling the Washmatik on the Atlantic Boardwalk in New Jersey. He travelled the county and state fair circuits selling food choppers (maybe the Salsa Master!) and other items. His big break came when he met the founder of Orange Glo and became their principle sales man. From there the Billy Mays infomercial franchise was born.

I found it more than a bit ironic that an infomercial pitchman can become a household name. Maybe it’s a sign of the times. Maybe it’s a sign we watch way too much television.

What makes Billy Mays so effective is his approach: he appears genuinely enthusiastic about everything he is selling. Does he actually use Mighty Putty around his house? I doubt it (according to Wikipedia he lives in a million dollar house in Florida — I wouldn’t put Mighty Putty on digs like that). But that doesn’t matter. For those 30 or 60 seconds he makes you feel like he’s discovered the most incredible, unbelievable product ever … and he’ll double your order if you order RIGHT NOW!

When we talk to non-Christians about our faith and hope in Jesus, we obviously can’t offer to double their salvation if they respond right away. But do we speak with the same energy and enthusiasm of a person who has discovered the most incredible, unbelievable opportunity ever … the opportunity to get right with God and tap into his unlimited power?

I’m not suggesting we shout at someone for 60 straight minutes the way Billy Mays does. And we can’t throw in a bonus offer.

What we can offer another person is a first-hand experience with the living God. Be enthusiastic about what God is doing in your life. Don’t be afraid to get excited. I’ll let you in on a secret: It’s OK.