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Although I use an iMac at work and own an iPod, I’m not a rabid fan of Apple or a constant critic of Windows. As someone who came of computing age in the days of DOS, the majority of my computer experience has been connected to Microsoft. For the most part, I like it. I should add I also own stock in MSFT (but that’s another story). With the arrival of Windows NT and 2000 and XP, Microsoft has made vast improvements in its OS.

Even so, I’m a bit perplexed by their most recent entry into the search world. The interface itself is OK — although I could do without the city background. But why call it Bing? The name is odd and doesn’t seem catchy. Although Google is an odd word itself, it has the ability to become a verb I guess you could say “I’m Binging it” but it doesn’t sound the same. (It almost sounds like something I would tell my daughters to avoid).

So where does this name come from? Marketing? Focus groups? Old album collections?