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I’ve survived a few births during my life, not the least being my own. Certainly the highlights include watching my two daughters being born. Living through nine months of the first pregnancy even led me to write a book about it. Fortunately, no one has seen fit to publish it.

(It was entitled “You’re What! A Man’s Guide to Pregnancy.” I let my neighbor in Atlanta read it while his wife was pregnant and he enjoyed it. She enjoyed the parts he shared with her.)

I’ve been a part of two companies during their own prenatal days. In the dot-com days, companies were being birthed from scribbles on a napkin. In medical terms, the first of those companies has expired and the other is beginning to walk after a few setbacks.

Aside from the births of Hannah and Hope, nothing else could compare to the joys and challenges of launching a new church.

The vision for LifePoint began when God changed the direction of my life back in 2001. After a few years of preparation, God opened the door for us to return to San Diego. LifePoint began with 7 adults and 2 children who met in our home for Bible study and planning.

From that very humble beginning, God has formed us into a growing church community. What we celebrate this weekend is not so much the past twelve months but the future that lies before us.

Let’s get going!