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Books Now Available on the Kindle

I’m pleased to announce that I now have three books available for the Kindle: one novel and two short ebooks.

The novel is called “Lesser Angels” and tells the story of a brother and sister who discover a secret about their deceased mother and set out to find answers.  I titled it “Lesser Angels” because of the people they meet along the way and what they discover about themselves.

The Cure for Insomnia: Preaching That Won’t Put People to Sleep” offers my perspective on preaching and communication.  Much of this has been road-tested over the past twenty-five years, including those early sermons that inflicted too much pain on my audience.  It’s not intended to be an academic treatise but the journal of a fellow traveller.

Leading with Heart: Faith-Filled Thoughts on Leadership” is designed to look at leadership through the lens of faith.  If leadership is best defined as influence, then this is a book for parents and pastors, teachers and coaches.

If you enjoy reading any of these, please let me know.