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busy week

It’s been a busy week and it’s only Wednesday night (Thursday morning for those of you readers on the East Coast).  I spent Monday and Tuesday deep in the bowels of PowerPoint — the first time I’ve plunged into PowerPoint in a few years.  We used a program called MediaShout for our multimedia presentations in San Diego.  I discovered that I liked the Mac version of PowerPoint better than the Windows version of PowerPoint … and wondered, “How can that be?” when Windows is PowerPoint’s native environment.

I also dusted off my InDesign and Illustrator skills and did a few fliers for our women’s ministry at church.  That brought back good memories of cranking out design pieces for Blue Haven Pools and Spas Supplies Direct.

Of course, there have been meetings, both planned and otherwise.

And we still have children.

And I’ve been working on a sermon I’ll preach this weekend at LifeChurch in Aurora.

So … It’s now 10:00 PM and I’m thinking I may do a little reading before bed.  No blogs.  Old-fashioned paper.