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busy weekend

Hannah and Hope had their first piano recital at the Piano Exchange in Mission Valley. They’ve had other recitals but they have all been in the home of their teacher. This was their first “public” recital and they each did a fine job. The Piano Exchange has a great recital room, complete with stage and baby grand piano. Tonya and I were both proud of the girls.

And then later in the day we took the girls to see RV, the movie with Robin Williams and Jeff Daniels. All four of us enjoyed it. It’s a bit goofy, but that’s ok.

Sunday was a great day at LifePoint. Our band continue to gets better and it sounded good again yesterday. We also featured a painting by a local artist — Estevan Gargost. People seemed to really enjoy that.

Sunday night I drove up to Rancho Bernardo for the Global Day of Prayer service at Maranatha Chapel. Doug Duncan, our keyboard player at LifePoint, was playing keys in the worship band for the service. It was a great experience.