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calculators and the Bible

When I was in middle school, my favorite watch was a calculator watch. It had a display screen and the buttons of a small calculator. For its day, it was a high-tech portable device. Unless it’s a fairly simple equation, I still use a calculator (on my phone) to figure out most math problems.

As much as I love calculators, I’m also glad that there are still people who know how to do long division — otherwise we might not have calculators anymore!

I feel the same way about studying the Bible. While it is good that we live at a time when resources are plentiful, there is still no substitute for reading the Bible. In other words, books written about the Bible are not the same as the Bible itself.

Rather than rely on other people to provide you with spoonfuls of the Bible, learn to read it and study it for yourself.

You will never regret it.