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california proposition 73

Next Tuesday, California voters will have the opportunity to vote on several key propositions. One of those — Proposition 73 — has received little attention and yet may be one of the most important ones on the ballot. If passed, it would require parental notification for minors who are seeking abortions. Current law does not require a parent to know if their daughter is having an abortion.

Other items which include either parental notification or consent is the right for a minor to get married or get a tattoo. We don’t issue driver’s licenses to those under the age of 16. We require a person to be 18 to join the armed services. We even prohibit our children from drinking until the age of 21.

Apart from the pro-choice/pro-life issues, the lack of parental notification is another way of undermining the importance of family in our culture. Opponents will argue that it may be dangerous to notify parents who may not respond graciously. It’s even more dangerous to not notify parents who would respond graciously.

This vote comes on the heels of a 9th Circuit decision that allows public schools to survey 5-year-olds regarding their sexuality. The court ruled that parents have “no constitutional right” to control what is taught to their children once they arrive in a public school.

These are not Democratic or Republican issues; they are common sense issues.