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catching up and random thoughts

It’s been several days since I last blogged; a major disappointment to the three people who need my blog to survive. The main reason is that my laptop is out of commission — a major body blow. It’s not getting AC power and the battery drained out. Without AC, it’s not able to recharge the battery.

At first I thought it was a bad cord and searched all over town (figuratively speaking) to find a compatible replacement. Bought one at Fry’s that didn’t fit. Then went to CompUSA, Office Depot, Wal-Mart (I was desperate), and finally to Circuit City. At Circuit City I found an adapter kit that had the right size plug. And it would work with the universal adapter I bought at Frys.

So … with anticipation building, I plugged it in last night and … nothing! Nothing happened. I did notice I could get a green light when I wiggled the plug around. My diagnosis: the original cord was fine and it’s the connector within the laptop that is bad. UGGGG. That means I have to either send it back to Dell or find a local option. At any rate, that means going without my laptop for some period of time. That’s a problem for several reasons:

1. All of LifePoint’s projection software is on my laptop.
2. All of my personal notes, projects, messages, etc., are on my laptop.
3. The podcast is on my laptop.
4. Itunes is on my laptop.
5. It eliminates any need to go hang at Twiggs.

The laptop is only one-year old 🙁

On another note …

Hannah and Hope had their first piano recital on Sunday. Both of them did an outstanding job and were very comfortable playing in front of people. I had planned on uploading a few pictures but … they’re on my laptop!

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  • Britton Dennis says:

    No worries, we just make do and go forward as is. OR we can use my lappy to put all the lyrics and what not on it and use that for the projection on Sunday…??? Let me know with some time to spare so I can make sure I pack it this weekend.