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celebrate good times

I confess: I once owned a 45 of “Celebrate Good Times” by K.C. and the Sunshine Band.  For the younger crowd, a “45” was a small version of vinyl album and had two songs, one on each side.

As a church leader, it’s important that I set aside time to celebrate.  We serve a God who is worthy of our praise — and who gives us much to celebrate.

Teams benefit tremendously when we celebrate together:

  • It reminds us that God is still active, no matter how good or bad the present situation may be.  In fact, he is often more active than we realize.
  • It allows us to encourage those who may not get encouraged.  Every team has those who serve quietly.  Behind-the-scenes doesn’t translate to less important.
  • It keeps us focused on the positive when we might be tempted to wallow in the negative.
  • What we celebrate we often replicate.  Think about that and then think about the last thing you celebrated.

Encouraging the heart is a responsibility of every leader.  The demands of serving can be just that, demanding.  Even tiring.  A well-timed celebration may not make the work magically disappear; it will give a boost of energy hard to measure.

In that spirit … enjoy this blast from the past.