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Tomorrow will be my last day at Blue Haven Pools and Spas. For the last two years I have worked there as the Ecommerce Manager for the retail division. You might think I only sell chlorine – and you would be partly correct. Besides pushing pool chemicals, I have overseen all aspects of the online retail operation. Web design and development, SEO, Google PPC, email marketing, pricing, promoting, social media, and even Twittering. During this time I’ve had the privilege of managing four different employees, two of whom I’ll be leaving behind. If I believed in cloning, I’d replicate them.

My boss for the last two years has been the president of our company. Fair, hard-working, and fun. I’ve noticed that I have begun incorporating some of his phrases into my own conversations (“fair enough”). I haven’t incorporated them all. He wouldn’t want me to steal all his thunder.

I went to work at Blue Haven when LifePoint could no longer afford to pay me a salary. Working there allowed me to continue to serve our church. For that, I am eternally grateful to BHPS-SD.

I have learned more about the pool industry than I ever wanted to know. I have also had the opportunity to circulate in the marketplace as most Christ-followers are called to do. A few folks at Blue Haven called me Pastor Ken, but most just called me Ken. What else they may have called me no one will say. I hope I have been able to model the way of Jesus in a way that made sense.

This chapter closes tomorrow. But as is usually the case, another chapter is beginning. From one chapter to the next …