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Chivalry lives in San Diego! Of all places, I saw it first-hand on the trolley last Friday night.

It was about 5:30 and the train was filled up. At the City College stop, an older lady got on board and began to grab a handle, having resigned herself to standing up. Two different guys and one gal actually got up and offered her their seat. I felt like giving them a thumbs up.

It’s a sad fact that we’re not surprised much any more by bad behavior. What people do find surprising are the little acts of kindness and courtesy that get extended to them unexpectantly.

Acts 10:38 describes Jesus as someone who “went around doing good.”

May God’s people be known as a church community of people who go around doing good. Plus, it’s fun surprising people.

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  • preacherman says:

    Wonderful post brother.
    I want you to know I really enjoyed your blog and have added it my favorites. Keep up the great work you do! You, your family and ministry will be in my thoughts and prayers.