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church planters of the rockies website

By March 6, 2011January 14th, 2012Church Planting

The “official” (not that there is an unofficial) website of Church Planters of the Rockies is up and live.  I was commissioned to design the site and did a soft launch back in January.   In putting it together, I had the following goals:

  • Presenting CPR in a modern and professional way
  • Serving as a conduit of information between partner churches and church planters
  • Recruiting potential church planters
  • Raising awareness of church planting in general
  • Providing resources to new and existing churches

For the nerds out there, the site was designed using Joomla 1.5, my bread-and-butter content management system for the last ten years or so (back when it was first Mambo). I had narrowed it down to Joomla or WordPress, but in the end felt that WordPress was a little limited.  As a CMS, WordPress has come a long way but still has a few liabilities in terms of being able to do certain things.

As we expand the site, we’ll add online giving features, self-assessment forms for prospective planters, social media feeds, video, and more.

So … check it out!