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church planting

Tomorrow I have the privilege of preaching at LifeChurch in Aurora, CO, a church plant that began in 2008.  Todd Sinclair, the lead pastor, and I share common threads in our background: we both lived and worked in San Diego at the same time, though we didn’t know each other back then.

Having planted a church myself (yay LifePoint!), I am honored to be speaking at another church plant.

Simply put, I love church plants and church planters.  I love the sense of mission that hangs in the air.  I get energized watching the spiritually disconnected get connected.  I enjoy the questions a searching soul asks.  There is something special watching a person “get it.”

Starting new churches is the single most effective way to reach those who are spiritually adrift.  Having lived it, I honestly believe that’s true.

  • We need more men and women who will help start new churches.
  • We need more existing churches that will give birth to new churches.
  • We need people who have been blessed financially to fund new churches.
  • We need more new churches.