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Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching at Elevation Christian Church in Aurora.  On the previous weekend, they celebrated their one-year anniversary as a church.  Scott Bloyer, Ryan Duncan, and the rest of the team have done a great job of launching a healthy church.

Elevation has grown from just a handful of people to nearly 200 in just one year.  But that only tells part of the story.  Most importantly, lives have been reclaimed for God and people are finding their way back to Him.  Over 60 people have been baptized in twelve months.

For me, I enjoyed the time in between services.  I would ask people how long they had been at Elevation and answers ranged “from day one” to “just last week.”  Then they would tell me their stories.

I left Elevation further convinced that church planting is the best way to expand the Kingdom of God.

We need spiritual entrepreneurs who will start new churches … in urban areas, new communities, and everywhere else!  We need less of a market-driven approach and more of a mission-minded one.  I believe new churches can (and will) succeed in all sorts of areas.  Elevation is in an older, established part of Aurora, CO, and is growing.  The traditional model of church planting was to start a church in a new, emerging community and grow with it.  That still works.  But it’s not the only model that will work.

How can you support church planting?

  1. Get assessed and start a church.
  2. Financially support churches and organizations that are starting new churches.
  3. Worship and serve with a new church.
  4. Champion new churches at your existing church.
  5. Pray for spiritual entrepreneurs to show up in your area.