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clarity and communication

One of the things I’ve learned as a parent that has impacted my effectiveness as a pastor is this: Unless the other person understands what I’m saying, I haven’t communicated.  I’ve just been talking.

While talking might make me feel better, it alone does nothing to solve a problem or move the ball forward.  Understanding is what matters.  My goal in preaching is not to use a certain amount of words; it is to move the listener into closer alignment with God.

As a leader, the same is true.  I will gladly sacrifice eloquence for understanding.  And one of the most important keys to understanding is being clear about what you’re communicating.  A lack of clarity allows an issue to get out of focus.  It blurs the lines around the action required.  It may actually demotivate someone from taking any action at all.

When it comes to communicating, how clear are you?