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I hope you had yourself a “merry little Christmas” and found time to rejoice in our Savior’s birth.

For the next two weekends I will be teaching on what it means to live “Under New Management.”  When we made the decision to become Christ-followers, we placed ourselves under his leadership.  For me, that decision was made official on a Sunday night, November 18, 1984.  At the close of a worship service, I nudged my way past a few high school buddies and walked down the aisle to the altar.

That was the longest walk of my life.

Not in terms of minutes and seconds, but because it was the start of a journey – the walk that started in 1984 still continues.  With each passing year, I learn more about what it means to give God control and to seek His direction and guidance.  Some lessons have been hard to learn.

This weekend I will be speaking about letting Jesus remodel our hearts and lives.  When you invite Jesus into your life, be careful: when he takes up residence, he likes to change things around.