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coaching tips

If you are a leader who believes in coaching, here are three quick tips to help you add value to the people you lead:

Be Consistent.  A good coach — in baseball or in life — knows that it takes multiple practices to master even the most basic skills.  Even then, the skills must be taught in a consistent manner.  A good coach values consistency and sticks to it.

Make Relationships a Priority. We listen to those that we have relationships with.  If the person being coached senses that you don’t care about their needs, hopes, or dreams — that it’s only about your needs, hopes, and dreams — then the relationship will break down.

Ask Good Questions. When it comes to helping an employee master a new set of skills or walking your child through a difficult conflict, ask good questions.  Help them clarify what is really happening.  A good question will go much further in developing their leadership capacity than a good answer.