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core competency: confidence

This morning I spoke on two of the core competencies leaders must have (convictions and curiosity). In a follow-up conversation, the topic of confidence came up. Do effective leaders have confidence and how is it different from conviction?

Do they have confidence? Yes! Timid leaders emit mixed signals and don’t inspire courage in their followers. Some confuse humility with a lack of confidence – not so. Humble leaders can be humble because they have a quiet confidence about what they’re doing.

Without confidence, a leader may abandon convictions too quickly. The confidence I’m referring to is an assurance that the leader is on the right path; for believers, it is a belief that they are doing what God would want them to do.

Confidence and convictions go hand-in-hand. Without confidence, convictions may flounder. Without convictions, confidence may cause the leader to abuse his position or power.

Short answer … it takes both.