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couch preaching

I must admit, it felt nice.

For much of my message this past weekend, I preached while sitting on a couch on the stage.  A nice leather couch with cushy cushions.  All I lacked was a good cup of strong coffee.

I was speaking about how Moses fled Egypt after killing a man (see Exodus 2) and then began to argue with God when God called him to go back to Egypt (see Exodus 3 and 4).  Arguing might be a strong term.  He was making excuses … why me?  Who am I?  What if they don’t listen to me?  What if they don’t believe me?

If we’re not careful, we can grow comfortable in the space between our disobedience and where God wants us to be.  With each missed opportunity to get back in the game, it becomes easier to stay on the sidelines.  The couch begins to feel nice and we can think of every reason why we shouldn’t be … more involved … leading a group … speaking up … or simply returning to church.

Near the end of my message, I stood up from the couch and closed with three characteristics of people who turn setbacks into comebacks:

  1. They face their failures.
  2. They learn from their mistakes.
  3. They start moving forward.

If you’ve been sitting on the couch of life for too long, why not get up and get back in the game?