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creative arts, a palette approach

One of my desires for LifePoint’s worship gatherings is for them to reflect the creative diversity that exists both within our church community and the community at large. Our God is a creative God and didn’t finish his creative work after six days and retire. He’s still creating and has put his creative impulses within us.

We had our first large-scale creative arts gathering last night at our house. It was great! The best way I like to describe our approach is to use the analogy of an artist’s palette. Each of us brings a certain perspective, background, training, and passion to the creative process. Last night we had musicians, artists, actors, teachers, and nerds like me.

If a pastor isn’t intentional about using the gifts of others, he will create a worship experience that reflects the heart and head of one or two people. He will probably teach in the way that he learns — missing those that learn in a different way.

Working with creative people isn’t easy. But I also know that working with software programmers isn’t easy either. CPA’s can drive you crazy, too.

I’m excited about October’s teaching series because it will be the first one to utilize the full creative arts team. You’ll have to see it to understand.