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dislocated heart

We typically don’t like to dislocate things.  I dislocated a finger in junior high and it hurt like the dickens (I’m not sure what a dickens feels like but it hurt like one anyway).  It hurt even more after Mr. Simpson, our P.E. teacher, decided to try and yank it back in place.

Whether we dislocate a finger or a shoulder, it’s a painful experience to have something out of joint.

Sometimes, however, God must dislocate our heart in order to get us to take action on his behalf.

How does that happen?  It happens when we find ourselves more concerned for God’s agenda than our own agenda.  It happens when we ask God to make us sensitive to the things that break his heart.  Our hearts are dislocated when we witness injustice or suffering or oppression.

Spiritually speaking, perhaps the worst thing we can do when God dislocates our heart is to try to put in back where it was before.  That might be good for fingers, toes, and shoulders.  Not so much for our hearts.