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do you have a psychological tether

I used to love playing tether ball.  A ball was roped to a pole and the winner was the first one to completely wrap the ball around the pole.  The ball could only go so far because it was “tethered” to the pole.

Animals are trained by being tethered to a secure spot.  They grow up believing they can only go as far as the rope or chain will allow.

I believe many of us are hindered by psychological tethers.  From nature or nurture, we inherit a set of limiting beliefs.  We grow up believing we can only go so far.  Perhaps we were trained to “know our place” or were told we weren’t good enough.

People learning to walk by faith and not by sight must deal with psychological tethers.  We can read “everything is possible for God” and still not believe it.

What psychological tethers are holding you back?