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E4U at Mountainview

In ten days we’re launching a new spiritual formation initiative at Mountainview called E4U.  It’s an approach to spiritual formation and adult education built around four tracks:

  • Equip: Understanding God and His Word.
  • Encounter: Developing personal spiritual growth habits.
  • Elevate: Applying God’s direction in your life.
  • Engage: Using your unique SHAPE in ministry to God and others.

While not unique to Mountainview, they represent four parts of life that are vital to health and growth as a Christ-follower.

We need to have a solid grasp on who God is and what his Word says.  Without that, we’re pretty much making things up as we go along.  Our EQUIP track is designed to help believers know the Bible better and to understand the truth it contains.

To move from a newborn in Christ to a mature follower, we also need to develop healthy spiritual habits.  Our ENCOUNTER track will teach habits such as prayer, reading and studying our Bible, accountability, and others.  Spiritual growth is often a matter of replacing one set of habits for a new set.

Each of us needs to ELEVATE our thinking and decision making.  We want to help teach the critical thinking skills that will help a believer discern God’s will and apply it to her life.

Our ENGAGE track is especially exciting: how do we take what we know and put it to use in the world.  How does my faith apply to the issues of the day?  How do I conduct myself as a Christ-follower at work?

You can learn more about E4U at Mountainview by clicking here.