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entitlement and gratitude

Here’s an important truth: The higher your sense of entitlement, the lower your sense of gratitude.

The more I feel entitled to something, the less thankful I am for it. Why? Because, obviously, I deserve it and why should I be grateful for something that I am entitled to?

We can only be grateful when we know that we do not deserve our blessings and we did not create them.

I don’t believe it’s coincidental that the Greek word for thanks is built on the word for grace. Grace and gratitude are closely related.

Grace, in its simplest terms, is unmerited favor. I receive what I did not deserve – and that should lead to gratitude.

Gratitude requires humility because entitlement and pride are often found holding hands. A prideful person finds it hard to be thankful. On the other hand, a humble person is grateful for whatever blessing comes their way, whether big or small.

If you want to become more grateful, work on lowering your sense of entitlement.