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every life has a soundtrack

I recently read the phrase “every life has a soundtrack” and it has stuck with me.

My musical tastes were formed in part by being the youngest of five brothers.  While my friends in high school were listening to Human League and Wham!, I was listening to Neil Young, James Taylor, and Dan Fogelburg.  By the grace of God, I was spared from the techno-pop era.

As I’ve aged, my musical interests have expanded to include such genres as bluegrass and alternative country.  I’ve added Lyle Lovett, John Prine, and others to my collection.  Of course, nothing can beat the Barenaked Ladies when you need feel-good music.

“Every life has a soundtrack.”   Indeed.   There is a melody behind each of us.  With nearly forty years of living under my belt, I’ve learned that the music changes … as we change.  But it’s still there.

Each person we meet, even those we know well, have stories that have faded into the background.  A soundtrack.  What we see at the present may only represent one small part of a life filled with musical changes.  We only hear a snippet, current and available.  An astute listener may pick up distant tones of another song; most of us are satisfied to know only what is currently playing.

“Every life has a soundtrack.”  I’m really liking this phrase …