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fall E4U classes

We’re about to start our second semester of E4U classes at Mountainview and I’m really excited about our fall lineup.  Here is a brief overview:

Encounter: Developing personal spiritual growth habits.
Class: Growing Strong in God’s Family (Todd Nelson)

This class will focus on how to grow deeper in your faith.  It’s an interactive way to explore what it means to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Todd Nelson serves as our creative arts director at Mountainview.  Register Now.

Engage: Using your unique SHAPE in ministry to God and others.
Class: Urban Entry: A New Look at Missions (Brendan Yost)

What  does “missions” mean to you?  We often think of overseas missions or missionaries who travel to distant places.  This class will explore the theological foundation of urban missions, including our own efforts in Westwood/Square Mile.  Brendan Yost serves as the missions and outreach pastor at Mountainview.  Register Now.

Equip: Understanding God and His Word.
Class: Vintage Church: The Book of Acts (Ken Hensley)

The Book of Acts tells the story of the first church … how it was formed and how it expanded.  This class will look at eight snapshots from the Acts that will challenge us in our efforts to build a biblical church in the 21st Century.  And it will be taught by your’s truly.  Register Now.