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false advertising

Do you know how to make a cereal healthier? It’s pretty simple: Change the name.

Frosted Flakes were once Sugar Frosted Flakes. Sugar Smacks became Honey Smacks and then just Smacks. Corn Pops were once known as Sugar Pops.

Are you noticing a trend? Rather than make the cereal more healthy, just change what it’s called to a more healthy-sounding name.

Then again, no one would buy Cheerios if they were called Fruit Loops Without All the Fun.

The message of Ecclesiastes is to challenge the advertising of our culture; to compare it against God’s truth. As Christ-followers, are call is to follow a first-century Savior who wants us to live his values in the 21st Century.

That’s our challenge: to effectively navigate┬áconsumerism and contentment.


What if cereal companies named their cereals acurately?





True Names for Cereal