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fathers and daughters

Finished week two of my E4U class “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” last night … and even more guys showed up!  I’m a bit slow at times but I’m beginning to think we’ve tapped a nerve.  Not only do we have almost 40 guys in the class, but they’re tuned in as well.

Now I’m starting to think we need something after this, a next step of sorts.  It’s not easy being a dad – whether you have a son or daughter or both.  And our culture is making it increasingly difficult as well.  It encourages immodesty where we prefer modesty … and on and on the battle goes.

One thing this class has reminded me of is this: most men want to be good dads.  The motivation is there but the know-how might be lacking.  God can work with the person who lacks the skills but has the heart.  Unfortunately, we do have men in our society who have no desire to be dads, even though they may be fathers. But give me the ones with desire and we’ll have a blast.

So, what do think would be good next steps after the class finishes?

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